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It took a " special unit " of men and women to attack the conditions of Skid Row. Those conditions were not merely the trash and garbage, but it was also the mind set and attitude of residents, visitors, service providers, and city agencies.

For decades these conditions were allowed to go unchecked. The people and world had become " conditioned " to this environment which became the " feeding ground " for depression and hopelessness.





There was not only a " desperate need " to clean up the trash...but there was a need to have a place to put it. Very few people acknowledge the fact that there were NO TRASH CANS on SKID ROW. And where they were, it was still a shortage. The call for trash cans from the City gather NO RESULTS.

The FUNKY TRASH CAN CAMPAIGN  became the answer. Gathering whatever trash can possible and using " community artists " and residents to paint slogans...a movement began, with THE SKID ROW BRIGADE out front.



Each man and woman in the Skid Row Brigade have won the hearts and minds of the neighborhood. For NO MONEY, these individuals waged an eight (8) month campaign to remove the trash and change the minds of the people. To convince them that we can win, that we do not have to live in these conditions..and that the only one that " really needs to care " is US...AS A COMMUNITY.



General Jeff (Issues & Solutions) and Manuel Benito Compito (aka OG Man) coined the slogan " OPERATION FACE LIFT/ SKIDROW ".

Ron Crockett, Lawrence Landry, Edward Hannibal, Big Rob, Prophet, Bowen Parks (Love LA), Ms. Renee and many others, stepped to the place. Running two shifts (6am to 8am) (6pm to 8pm), rotating volunteers in to keep in going, when so many others said, " we won't do it. Especially for NO MONEY "! It can't be done..it's impossible! But, one day led to another. One week to another week. One month led to another.....and the momentum grew, people starting to help clean. People started to put their trash in the cans...Before we knew it, " a change in the mind set occurred"!

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